Crisis management LIVE

Broadcast LIVE with a mere smartphone

Broadcast live the event using a usual smartphone, any collaborator can give the alert live video, he just takes his smartphone, launch the application and press the button LIVE.

All on-call agents are then automatically notified, they can follow the start of the event on their mobile or computer while the alert has just been given. And when the PC crisis is met, everyone already knows what is happening and can continue to follow, in real time, the evolution of the situation

2 Apps, one goal

Real-time view of the situation


  • Simplicity: 1 button for broadcasting, predefined automatic notifications

  • Targeting: groups notified in real time according to the constraints

  • Geolocation: from the transmitter

  • Security: total privatization of direct and replays

  • Long life cycle: repetitions, analyzes, download for post-production


  • Simplicity: instant access to live geolocated in one click, viewing reruns after the live

  • Implication: receiving the push notification when launching a live, possibility of feedback and interactivity

  • Confidentiality: the collaborator can consult the direct and the reruns but can never record them or share them

  • REX: more complete, accurate


Easy to use, private, secure

Your livestreams are safe


In one click, any of your authorized collaborators can be live from their smartphone, they can be geolocated and can exchange with those who watch live


Streams are privatized, only authorized employees can film, robust authentication is done automatically with facial or digital detection


Your live video or replay content is hosted on highly secure servers that meet PGRD standards and hosted in the European Economic Area


Everything is under control

Master your content

Secure servers in the European zone

GDPR Standards

Robust passwords subject to double authorization

HTTPS Websites

Server-side IP address filtering

Live video streams encrypted

Plus about 2C by Plussh

Pioneers of live HD video from smartphone

In 2013, originally an idea of ​​journalists, the founders wanted a mobile application that could take the live antenna to immediately broadcast information, that each reporter has a HD broadcast camera in his pocket. Since then, Plussh has established itself within the communication services of the largest French groups by allowing a live broadcast of simple, private, secure video of confidential corporate content. Plussh technological solutions are simple, qualitative privative and secure


Use cases

You always need to watch in real time



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